The registration is closed for the next event at Shenago Lake.  Check the boat draw page and the rules page for event information.  Below is information that is from B.A.S.S. pertaining to the requirement of a boaters safety license that will come into effect next year.

In an ongoing effort to promote boating safety on America’s waterways, B.A.S.S. is making a proactive change to a part of their Official Rules of Competition that recommends tournament participants successfully complete a boating safety course.

As of January 1, 2025, any angler who wishes to compete as a boater in any B.A.S.S. event (except High School and Junior events where competitors do not operate a boat) must submit proof of completion of an approved Boater Safety course. As of 2024, 36 states now require some form of educational requirements for operating a boat. And for B.A.S.S. anglers, the submission of proof of a completed course is a simple, one-time process and is valid for life.

Boater safety courses are beneficial to both new boaters and seasoned operators. For those new to boat operation, a safety course can provide confidence while navigating waters. And safety courses are a simple refresher course for those with years of experience under their belt.

A boating safety course educates boaters on safe operation, avoiding potential accidents, navigating in inclement weather, boating in different types of bodies of water and how to react in emergency situations.

Approved Boater Safety courses include those provided by BoatUS Foundation (free state courses at or any other course that carries an endorsement by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators or NASBLA.

Proof of approved Boater Safety courses is reciprocal in all states that require mandatory boater education. So, take the short informational course once, and you’re set for life – a little preparation goes a long way on the water!

Anglers should visit the appropriate site below to provide B.A.S.S. proof of boater safety course completion.

Boater Safety Course Certificate/Endorsement – Bassmaster College Series (->

Boater Safety Course Certificate/Endorsement – Opens (->

Boater Safety Course Certificate/Endorsement – Elite Series (->

Boater Safety Course Certificate/Endorsement – BASS Nation (->

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