Introducing new for 2015  KBBC Bonus Cash Bracket

Win additional payout cash when you buy into the Bonus Cash Bracket!

Register on site at each tournament at the trailer prior to launch.

Buy in is $50.00 per team.

Participation is Completely Optional.  Has no effect on the regular registration or payouts.

Bonus Cash Payout

100% Payback.

We will Payout  1 place for every 10 teams registered up to 5 total places.


Teams                   Payouts

1-10                        pays  100%  1 place

11-20                     pays   80% =1st                  20%=2nd

21-30                      pays  70% = 1st                 20%=2nd              10%=3rd

31-40                     pays  60%=1st                   20%=2nd              15%=3rd               5%=4th

41>                          pays  50%=1st                   20%=2nd              15%=3rd               10%=4th               5%=5th