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This short run through will explain what the database pages are and how to use them to get information from them. The pages and programs are direct links into the KBBC Online Database. The database is located on line in our web site and updated frequently. When you select the different programs, the database runs queries on its tables and returns the selected records stored in the tables.

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When you first bring up the home page you see the following: Note the highlighted menu selection in the lower menu. This will open the Database Pages (Fig 2). This opening page displays the programs that can be rum and a list of the events that have already had the 1st Flight drawn (marked with an "X").

Image2.jpg (21621 bytes)Fig 1  Image3.jpg (51318 bytes)Fig 2

Looking up a Team Number

If you know your Team's number, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you can look up your Team number by entering the last name of the owner or rider of a team. Select Team Lookup from the menu to find a Team Number (Fig 3). Enter the last name of a member (Fig 4) and the program will return all teams with members that match the last name. Just select the correct first and last names and find the Team Number in the first column.

Image9.jpg (15111 bytes)Fig 3  Image12.jpg (13425 bytes)Fig 4

Image13.jpg (10828 bytes)Fig 5

Lookup Registration Records

To see what events you are registered for and if you have paid your lunker, you can use the Registration Records Program. As before Select the program from the menu (Fig 6). Enter in your Team Number in the box and run the query. This will return the registration information. Note: This program also returns the drawn position for any events that have been drawn and for which you were in the draw, in the 1st column.
Image6.jpg (15116 bytes)Fig 6 Image14.jpg (8816 bytes)Fig 7

Image15.jpg (29129 bytes)Fig 8

Team Counts

This program shows a count of all of the entries for each event. By selecting Team Counts from the menu the counts are returned without any further input needed.
Image7.jpg (14942 bytes)Fig 9 Image16.jpg (18061 bytes)Fig 10

Event Draws

Back at the beginning (Fig 2) was a list of the events with an "X" next to the ones that had been drawn. By noting the number of the event (i.e. 6), you can see what boat positions have been drawn. Initially this will contain only the 1st Flight of each event (first 50 entries). On the Wednesday before each event I draw form among any 2nd Flight entries I have and post them Wed, evening. So, if you are in 2nd flight you can check here to see you boat number after the drawing. To run this, make a note of the Event Number, select Event Draws from the menu and enter the number in the box. Then run the query.
Image8.jpg (15003 bytes)Fig 11 Image17.jpg (8242 bytes)Fig 12

Image18.jpg (27297 bytes)Fig 13

Team Event Records

The final program you can run will returns your team's individual results for each event. This shows how many fish, what species, the weights, points earned, etc. Choose Team Event Records from the menu, enter your team's number and run the query to see these records.
Image10.jpg (14905 bytes)Fig 14 Image19.jpg (7275 bytes)Fig 19

Image20.jpg (22153 bytes)Fig 20

These are by no means the only records that are available, but they are the one's I thought of. If you would like to see others, please let me know.