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Rules Regarding Alternate Team Members


For the year 2015, the following change is in effect regarding alternate team members.

Any team may add an alternate team member (a third member) as long as the alternate has not fished as a member of another points accumulating team, either as a regular team member or an alternate. The cost for adding an alternate to a BTC team will be $20.00. So, the initial team membership cost for the year is as it has been - $ 40.00 for the BTC team plus, starting this year, an additional amount of $ 20.00 for teams wishing to add a third member.

The initial team membership is due at the time of registration of the team and must be paid before the team fishes its first event. If a team chooses to add an alternate, they may do so at the time of initial registration or may defer to add the alternate until it actually uses the alternate. Either way the additional $ 20.00 is due upon naming the alternate as a team member.

This seems to be a good time for restating the rules on the subject of alternates.

  • An alternate may be added that is not a member of a points accumulating team. A member of a non-points accumulating, (money only), may be added as an alternate.
  • Only a single third member may be added in a tournament season. In the event that an alternate was named and paid for, but not used by the team, another alternate may be named to replace the non-used alternate. In the event that this happens it will not subject the team to an additional $ 20.00 fee. In the event that an alternate was named, paid for, and used by the team, another alternate may not be named.
  • If a member of an existing team chooses to fish with someone other than another team member or alternate, that member may do so but can only register as a new, non-point, (money only), team. This new team will be assessed a $ 40.00 membership fee and will be issued a new membership card and number. This will not prevent such member of an existing team to return in a subsequent event to the memberís initial point accumulating team.
  • If an existing team member chooses to leave or quit a team, he may form a new team, but any points accumulated with the former team remain with that team and will not carry over to the new team.
  • An alternate may be added at any time during the tournament season except when the regular season has ended. A team may not add an alternate solely for the KBBC Classic. An alternate may not fish in the Classic unless that member has fished in at least one event with the team during the current tournament season. (No ringer rule)

If you have any questions regarding alternates and rules, please consult with a tournament or circuit official.